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In 2020, my girlfriend (Norwegian) and I (German) ended up somewhat homeless in Copenhagen. Our goal at that time was to spend 2 years in South America living free of the financial ties we had in Denmark and use the income difference together with frugal living to get a work-life balance that’s more appropriate than 9to5 for 5 days a week. Already at that time, it was the plan to have a YouTube channel addressing alternative ways of living and dealing with the money problem many of us suffer way too much from.


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Chasing THE LIFE

To start this here with somewhat of an introduction, my name is Till, and on day to day basis, I’m making videos about what it means to be a creator who lives life somewhat off-grid.

A little over a year ago my girlfriend and I found ourselves searching for a simpler life than the one we were living in the city. Maybe not overly simple but just one that makes you, for once, feel satisfied with the work you have done during the day. A life, less digital and more physical — hard work outdoors included.

Back then, it seemed…

Updating from macOS Catalina to Big Sur on my 2019 MacBook Pro has been the worst decision of 2020.

Maybe, you should wait a few weeks. At least make sure to read the checklist at the end!

To start from the beginning, the fully specced up Mac Book Pro I bought in September 2020 never had any problems. It didn’t take me long to decide to upgrade the device to the newest firmware. Apple basically engages you to do so to avoid security issues. So I decided to be a good consumer.

Thursday evening of the past week seemed like…

YouTube made me do it.

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It’s now 5 days since I decided to make a YouTube video about writing 7 medium articles within one week.

What started as a glorious idea turned out to be harder than all the experiments I did before.

It took 5 intense working days to finalize my writings. Especially the beginning has been tough. As I not that skilled of a writer nor a natural talent, finding the right 7000 words took way longer than expected.

The struggle was real!

On average, I have spent 10 h in front of the medium editor every single…

We turned into modern Sisyphus resembles and that’s a problem.

In 2020, people don’t do things just for fun. No matter where we look, everyone is constantly striving for recognition. Everything got capitalized, form our bodies and hairstyles to travel photos, babies, and pets. Half of our population is driven by insecurities. It’s why we spend endless hours in the gym or on building a long waiting side hustle to finally quit 9 to 5. Not working enough is the bad guy in the game.

After all these work hours, one would think that all athletes and entrepreneurs would be at ease with themselves. But if all fitness enthusiasts and…

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There is no magic here but it still works.

This isn’t another, how to make quick money article. I’m sorry if you hoped for a solution, but I don’t have a magic formula.

What I do have are a few ways to get far with little work, very little.

Growing up in Germany’s economic middle class I was taught money lessons very early in life. If the yogurt has passed the expiry date on Monday, you can still eat it on Friday. Orange stickers on groceries mean that you should most likely buy it and have it for dinner. …

YouTube is booming and with these three tips, you can make it work.

Even after 15 years of YouTube's existence, having success on the platform still seems like winning the lottery. Every year thousands of people decide to start a channel, struggle in the process, and eventually lose faith.

Before 2020, I was one of the creators that had uploaded a handful of videos without reaching any eyeballs. My work on the platform got so little attention that I started doubting it all together. A few views on the channel couldn’t justify the hours spent creating somewhat decent videos.


Standard templates won’t do the job.

The first impression of your mail makes the difference between getting hired or not.

In the past years, I have been sending hundreds of emails to potential clients. To my big disappointment, the answer ratio wasn’t any higher than 10 percent. Getting only little and sporadic feedback even got me to doubt my ideas all along.

At one point, I started questioning if there is a way to make my e-mails more unique and visually appealing. The font styles, size, or bullet lists didn’t allow to change much. But the never-ending queue of social links I mindlessly posted at the…

A filmmaker's story.

Switching to DaVinci resolve is a trend you shouldn't miss.

Video editors are known for their loyalty to certain editing software. The process of mastering these programs takes hundreds of hours and endless amounts of coffee. If you have ever invested that much into a project, you know that it’s hard to let go.

A few months earlier this year, I found myself right at that point. Reluctant to let go of editing in Premiere Pro but curious what the Resolve-hype was about. At the end of February, I made the leap and started my first project…

A list of seven publications that match your work

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

Most publications will accept your all high-quality content if it truly matches their values!

Finding good publications isn’t easy but finding the ones that also match your content is a mammoth task. Just now, after three years of writing medium stories, I finally got myself to submit my content to various publications rather than only hoping for internal distribution by medium curators.

Even tho I just submitted a single story, it already made a huge difference to the engagement of the account. …

Till Daling

YouTube content creator, nomad, and part-time philosopher and @bullverine on Instagram.

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