Why we sold our Van

Till Daling
3 min readMay 11, 2022

Reasons you would not expect

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Two years of owning a small campervan have left long-lasting memories! From freezing mountain tops and white sand beaches to cramped parking spaces. We loved our Toyota Proace build but it is time to move on.

A few things about van life are just not as we imagined.

The first, practical reason to leave our van behind is quite specific for Norway. On a low budget (who would want to pay two insurances), you’re likely to only have one car. A van. In our case a van with front-wheel drive.

Fully fine in summer but as soon as winter starts creeping in, life in Norway’s countryside demands 4-Wheel drive! Our cabin is situated on the foot of a steep hill down by the fjord. Already with more than 2 cm of snow, which is standard from November to April, two-wheel-drive (despite spike tires) is not getting us up the hill anymore.

There is limited joy in relying on borrowing your neighbor's car all winter long. We had to switch. 4x4 vans are expensive and scarce at least here up north, but we found a budget-friendly alternative.

Well, you might wonder why on earth that should affect you on your summer tours but hear me out.

You are not the only one thinking van travels are an epic idea anymore! There are thousands. Sprinkle in a few millions of pensionist-driven RVs and you soon find yourself fighting about parking spots.

I’m not speaking about the most scenic parking spots (there you stand in queues anyway), I’m speaking about any acceptable, calm parking spot.

In 2020, we came into van life for freedom, solitude, and adventure, not for RV crews, Insta spots, and tourist hoards.

So the next thing for us is finding more abandoned places. Where nature is still calm. Forrest roads, beaches, and mountains! Places that not everyone can get to.

Regular streets in Norway are already not butter smooth. Many times, I have been standing at the entry of a promising road having to return due to the low build of the van. Better safe with the van crews at the well-known Park4Night spots than returning with your car in…



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