12 Rules to Eat by

Till Daling
3 min readDec 15, 2023


1. No Garbage

We all know what surely isn’t good for us, cake, sweets, pre-cooked dishes based on taste enhancers, and so on, don’t eat it.

2. Eat as locally as possible

Less transport, fewer preservatives, and the food is harvested when it’s ripe (has more time to absorb nutrients).

3. Eat varied

All food is polluted in one way or another. By eating as varied as possible you at least prevent the build-up of single pollutants (like too much quicksilver from tuna). Our bodies are generally better at coping with low amounts than high.

4. You are an omnivore

Elimination diets like vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore are tools, not recommendations! We all have different genes and microbiomes. You will not find out what is optimal solely through science. Every piece of advice needs to be adjusted based on personal experience.

5. Buy the best quality you can afford

Labels don’t mean sh*t in our societies. If you can, buy free-range, pasture-raised meat and find a farm with a market garden to which you can visit and have easy access. Game meat and wild-caught fish over mass production. If it’s not in the budget or feasible, don’t break your head on it, you can still turn 100 years old with ice cream and whisky if you avoid stress.

6. Stick with the lower levels of the food chain

The higher you get the more time for pollutants to accumulate. Humans don’t consume many predatory land animals, but in the aquatic realm, it’s probably better to choose sardines over salmon.

7. Sometimes eat and sometimes don’t

Fasting hasn’t been around for centuries for a reason, but do not make it a religion! Now and then, fast for over 12 hours (Unless you have a health condition).

8. Eat the whole animal

There is more than steak. We need to get the fear of bones and organs under control. Both from a nutrient perspective and sustainability reasons.

9. If you want to grow very old, eat slightly less than you need

Don’t starve. Slight deficits normally beat a surplus when it comes to age.

10. Grow stuff yourself

If you remember, humans are part of nature. A little soil on your hands and the carrot will probably improve the biodiversity of your gut microbiome. And you also reduce the need for external production (Transport). If you have any soil, at least put a potato into it.

11. Use fasting and fat to gain and lose weight

Not eating garbage already gets you far in terms of rediscovering your bodily appetite senses. If you need some extra intake reduction, remove the foods with the highest energy density. Volume normally does the trick.

12. Don’t break the rules often but if you do, enjoy it

It ain’t a crime and most likely doesn’t matter. Not stressing does matter!

I will update these rules based on feedback, scientific progress, and coming personal insights. You can save the post and come back to it at any time.

And let me know if you have insights that are missing, if they are fundamental, we can adjust this list together.



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