The magic of mental recovery days

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Project life week 4

07.05. — 13.04.2018

I tried to start this series several times. Every time I couldn’t manage to keep it alive and be consistent.

I even got angry about my procrastination. Back in the days, before I started to try to be a digital entrepreneur, I was the guy who always got everything done. No matter what life was throwing at me.

But that changed.

You might know that feeling. After not doing what you’re supposed to do, you feel guilty. Instead of working on the important tasks you spent your time on other things. Things that are way lower on the priority list. Just for the sake of feeling busy.

At the end you don’t enjoy the “free time” and you get nothing significant done.

Enough of this self-pity, I don’t want this series to end in bla-bla-land..

It’s my diary. Filled with hands-on tips and experiences.

I will not waste your time and I will not waste my time.

But I have two important things to talk about this week.

Btw we start with week 4 because this series was originally only planned for YouTube ;)

Mental recovery days, a gift from heaven

Fed up with thoughts and problems I had enough. Enough of that endless procrastination.

On Friday, I left my phone aside for the whole day. I took a day off from my yoga, meditation and my training routine. From all liabilities for the day.

That was incredible! My mind felt free. The first time this year. And actually, I was more productive than the rest of the week.

Finally, there was time to plan the following days and to write down what I need to do in order reach my goals.

If you would like to try it, I have only one criterion for this day.

Everything is optional, nothing is mandatory.

You decide what you do and what you don’t. Well, there is one bummer. Leave your smartphone at home or at least in flight mode. Meet some friends. Draw a picture. Eat some good food and have some time to think. You need it.

Even though, you might think the grind is more important.

Write your damn journal

My second lesson of the week. If my workdays are not structured upfront, they end in a mess.

But I found a quite easy solution for that. Isn’t that sweet?

That little book keeps me on track. And it’s so simple. It does not need more than three sections.

  • The day structure.
  • The goals of the day
  • The notes section.

You saw the example. I hope you’re already searching for one of these little books. If you have nothing like that and you’re broke as hell, just take your old bills to write on ;)

You better make use of it. It helps!

After starting to fill out my journey every evening, I woke up with a clear structure and nailed my tasks. At least more often than before. It was that simple.

Self-made pressure

Why am I doing all this?

It’s not that complicated. I have a vision of how I want to spend my life.
It should be full of training, travelling, and awesome people. I know, I expect quite a bit but you got to aim high, right?

And I work for it.

From now on, I want to let my actions undermine my words.


Looking at my work on Instagram and YouTube, I have a lot to learn.

My Instagram feed is not consistent and I have not found my personal style of shooting and editing. That needs to change.

Well, that’s what I’m here for.

My video editing skills are also far from where I want them to be.

You know what I preach. If you want to get better at something. Practice.

From now on I will create something every single week.

Despite studying a full-time Master of Human Nutrition, training and working 12h per week.

If you want to, you can.

I already started!

This series will always contain what I made over the week.

I hope it’s as exciting for you as it is for me.


This weeks PL video covers my preparation and expectations for a perfect day. I hope it’s quite entertaining and maybe even inspiring :)


These are my two photos of the week. As I said, I still haven’t found my personal style of editing but I’m learning. I will get there ;)

Practice, Practice, Practice

Well, practice needs a source of knowledge. Mine is YouTube most of the time. Sometimes is just annoying to find something specific on that platform.

After getting the advertisement for skillshare a billion times, I finally signed up.

That’s kind of like YouTube but more focused on online learning.

That two-month trial was quite tempting for 0.99$.

I started with one of the photography courses. It’s quite awesome so far but I let you know when I tested it for longer.

I also started to read again. I know you like reading recommendations.

I just this book but well, I actually like it so. A book from one of the coolest guys of the idustry. Ross Edgley.

If it turns out to be bad, I will notice you over the next weeks ;)

But I have hope.

First article, done

I’m so happy that this series finally started. I end it with the sentence that made me think the most this week.

Those who can do, do, and those who can’t teach

This quote is not related to everything you read before in this article.

It’s a screenshot of my brain.

Thank you to Dan Mace for producing awesome pieces of art.

Here is his YouTube channel.

And of course, I get nothing for presenting that here.

In my little perfect world, we should just start to support what we think is great.

And you know, sharing is caring.

I see you in the next week with a new video, a hopefully better one.

Peace out,


PS: One more thing. To keep creating articles, videos and photos, we need you. It would mean the world if you could support us on Patreon. If you don’t want to, that totally fine. Liking, sharing and commenting the post also helps a lot :)

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