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A list of seven publications that match your work

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Finding good publications isn’t easy but finding the ones that also match your content is a mammoth task. Just now, after three years of writing medium stories, I finally got myself to submit my content to various publications rather than only hoping for internal distribution by medium curators.

Even tho I just submitted a single story, it already made a huge difference to the engagement of the account. If submitting to publications would finally the key to be heard on medium, I have might have missed out on a lot of opportunities in the last years.

To avoid further loss of potential readership and to keep my stories from drowning in the dark Medium basement, I started to map out my content and compared it with the values of various medium publications. If you’re writing about similar topics to the ones below, this list might be what you need to get going.

Freelancing, Social Media, Self-Improvement and Visual Content Creation

There are seven publications that have common interests! Some are easier to get ahold of than others. You will find out how to submit your drafts at the end of every section.

Mindful Entrepreneurship

Mindful Entrepreneurship seems very diverse yet useful compared to the other publication. Kristyna Zapletal is the founder and editor and describes the articles she is looking for with some of the most pressing topics of the year.

Share your thoughts on anything related to being an entrepreneur in 2020, e.g. lessons learned, social and environmental impact, personal growth, remote work, sustainable growth, helpful and affordable tools, etc.


The startup

The page of the publication states the following as one of their main interests.

  • Startup culture: Entrepreneurship, creativity, freelancing, startups, investing, innovation, marketing, social media, leadership, and management.

Even tho, the other topics covered by the publication might not be as good of a match, a main shared interest should be enough reason to submit.

Submission: Click here!

The Mission

The Mission is interested in similar topics. Here are the ones that might be most interesting.

  • Technology and Science — Startups, software, hardware, apps, VR/AR/MR, the IOT, machine learning.
  • Explorations — Personal challenges, tragedies, triumphs, and travels, emerging physical and mental trials.
  • Improving the Human Condition — Rebuilding our crumbling culture, optimizing ourselves, health and longevity, personal mastery of our bodies & biome, neuroscience.

I have to add that I’m not sure if The Mission is still as alive as it once was. It doesn’t seem like their newer releases create much engagement.

Submission: Click here!

Live your life on purpose

LYLOP can’t keep up with the size of the some of the giants, but it’s vivid and growing. For many freelancers might be the best match in interests at all!

  • Health & Fitness, Life & Learning, Personal Finance, Productivity & Purpose, Individual Success

The spectrum might be a bit broad to reach a specific type of reader but it may still be a great way to get started.

Submission: Click here!

The Ascent

The Ascent doesn’t state as specific interest as the publication before. Reading the following lines might still be enough to find common interests.

Notice a pattern? We’re equal parts of real life and true self, with a healthy dose of improvement, development, and growth in between.

Submission: Click here!

Personal growth

Personal growth is curated by Dan Pedersen and I just heard rumors how hard it is to get in. If anybody might have a chance to get in, I guess it could be a freelancer with a focus on self-improvement.

Personal growth, the name is program.



Forge is owned by Medium and pretty much a stamp of quality on the platform. With the highest quality articles and one of the topics below, being published there might turn your career around.

Forge is here to examine and illuminate our constant struggle to get more done, invest in creativity and focus, and be happy doing it. We provide a toolbox of research- and expert-backed strategies to be more productive, inspired, and whole, and mind-expanding ideas about how we humans are navigating this big, complicated world.


If this list isn’t making a change, then I’m not sure what would… But in the case that you aren’t home in the topics I cover, make sure to follow this link to find what you need!

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