Simple life in Norway is not what you think it is!

Till Daling
5 min readMay 1, 2022

You better prepare for these struggles.

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If you want to have an even deeper insight into the Norwegian housing market and prefer to watch instead of reading, there is a video attached if you scroll down.

Golden sunsets, frosty winters, mountains, and fjords come to mind if anybody mentions Norway. And that is surprisingly exactly what it is. There is a lot of rain too. But however I twist it, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries to call home. The wide-open fields, steep mountain formations, and lush green, mossy forests emanate a sense of calm you can hardly find anywhere else.

Low population density has its charm. Looking at the YouTube and Google search statistics, city folks realize that a calm life in the countryside ain’t that bad. In the online space, Norway manifests itself as the holy grail for silence hungry overworked caffeine, and social media addicts (welcome to the club, eh). A tiny cabin or a small farm is a retreat of choice.
As a creator that has moved here two years ago, I can tell you finding the right place, or barely anything to start your dream is not that simple.


My girlfriend and I moved here in 2020 amidst the corona chaos. Living in Denmark at that point, we had just canceled our rental agreement, ready long for South America travels. Despite the travel ban, we did not want to stay any longer homeless in Copenhagen. So our only options were to return to one of our home countries. With no desire for the crowded Germany, we chose the family cabin in mid-Norway. The most peaceful place I had ever been to at that point.

Long story short, we stayed there for a bit over a year. At one point borrowing a home stops feeling right, and you start looking for your own place.
So we decided, not willing to rent in the long term, to search for a small farm (Småbruk). A place surrounded by nature where we could transform into a space where people can reunite with nature.

How to buy a cabin/farm in Norway

There are just two options you stand a chance to buy any property in Norway. Either you have strong social connections and get news that somebody you are…



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