Convert your Lightroom presets into Instagram filters. Use their full potential.

You will find a detailed how-to video here, or at the end of the article.

And here is why!

Whenever a person uses a custom Instagram filter, the creator is displayed along with the name of the filter.

This gives everyone the opportunity to save your effects as a preset for their stories.

If you do well, this is generating traffic, much traffic..

Impressions: The total number of times your effects have been displayed on screen.

Captures: The total number of times someone took a photo or video that featured one of your effects.

Shares: The total number of times someone took a photo or video that featured one of your effects and shared it.

None of the traffic will directly translate into insane growth on social media.

Neither will it dramatically increase the traffic on your profile.


The number of impressions count

There are various sources discussing how many contacts are necessary to convert prospects into clients.

Let’s go with this article and assume that it takes on average 5 impressions.

As Instagram filters generate massive amounts of traffic, they might at least cover one of the five necessary contacts.

If you compare that amount to your average impressions per post, investing an hour into making your own filter seems like a great trade-off.

Make a gift

Developing a relationship with your audience is key!

Giving without the expectation of getting something in return is pretty much the best starter for a great relationship!

As mentioned, as long as your filter is of great quality, people will love to use it. It’s a simple thing that can spark joy in their everyday use of social media.

Even if there might be no financial benefit for you yourself.

You provided something that many people may have waited for.

That’s might be persuasive enough to start straight away, just follow the link below and you will have your first filter from your lightroom presets up and running today.

YouTube content creator, nomad, and part-time philosopher and @bullverine on Instagram.

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